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Urban Smellscapes – Understanding and Designing City Smell Environments

By Victoria Henshaw, this is going to be a good read! Lets let the blurb do the work – “We see the city, we hear the city, but above all: we smell the city. Scent has unique qualities: ubiquity, persistence, and an unparalleled connection to memory, yet it has gone overlooked in discussions of sensory […]

Sunday Times talks Scent in Singapore Shopping Malls

“Scents help with brand association and forge an intimate bond with shoppers,” reports the Times. The Sunday Times speaks to yours truly about our work with various Shopping Mall clients in Singapore: “The decade-old industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to a growing body of research on the subject, better and more accessible technology and greater interest from businesses […]

1,400 New Fragrances were Launched in 2012.

1,400 new fragrances were launched in 2012. Dutch artists Lernert and Sander have collected samples of every single one of those fragrances and blended them to create one giant fragrance mix bottle (standing 1.5 litres tall). This excitingly grotesque concoction is simply named: ‘Everything’. ‘Everything’ will be on show at the French boutique Colette in […]

The Scent of Spring, Olfactory Art Installation by ION Orchard

ION Orchard, Singapore’s premiere shopping mall destination once again delights shoppers and patrons with this scented art installation to commemorate Spring. Delicate and Delightful, what a way to stop and smell the roses! (in between shopping for a new pair of shoes!) ION Orchard’s signature fragrance has had overwhelming positive response from the first day […]

CityCenter Las Vegas comes to Life

CityCenter Las Vegas…the newest section of “desert gold” named Best Commercial project of 2009, the 18 million square foot complex has emerged replete with starchitecture, job opportunities and of course, the smell of success with ScentAir providing scent delivery technology in four of the five luxury resorts. ScentAir’s presence is noticed immediately in the enormous […]

ION Orchard, Award Winning Iconic Mall opens to Sweet Smell of Shopping

SINGAPORE – Seated at the junction of Orchard and Paterson Roads, at the prime site of Singapore’s commercial and shopping artery, ION Orchard, the Orchard Turn retail-cum-luxury residential development, one of the most anticipated projects in Singapore, has opened. A Shopaholic Fantasy- Laid out over 640,000 square feet of nett lettable space across eight floors, […]

Architecture can influence health

A drive to retain hospital staff and expedite patient recovery in hospitals is creating a boon for architects, who are being called in to help hospitals improve patient care and churn rates. Architect Ron Billard said that US research has inspired some of his health clients to see design as potentially impacting upon the care […]

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