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Neuromorphic Chip Can ‘Smell’ Dangerous Chemicals

Humans can detect over one trillion smells. It will be a scientific breakthrough if machine learning manages to sense even one percent of that. But researches have taken the first step and demonstrated the ability of Intel’s Loihi chip, a neuromorphic chip, to learn and recognize the scent of at least 10 different hazardous chemicals. […]

Scented tour of Singapore – TimeOut

Always good to see our clients making the hit list on this scented walking tour of Singapore… “She’s done the architectural walks and food trips, this time Goh Siau Rui follows her nose and discovers the city’s best-smelling customised scents…”

Heineken pushing boundaries in Music and Scent

Heineken pushing boundaries again this year at #heinekengreenroom. Enter The Scenthesizer. A premiere invite-only event, blending music with scent to create true sensory pleasure. Amazing working with Dean Chew of Darker than Wax to curate this trans-sensory rollercoaster or aural-come-olfactory pleasure. Big ups to the guys at Iris, FreeFlow and of course Heineken for creating this forum to […]

Sunday Times talks Scent in Singapore Shopping Malls

“Scents help with brand association and forge an intimate bond with shoppers,” reports the Times. The Sunday Times speaks to yours truly about our work with various Shopping Mall clients in Singapore: “The decade-old industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to a growing body of research on the subject, better and more accessible technology and greater interest from businesses […]

McCormick spices up Digital Signage with scent-based game “Guess That Spice”

In another custom engineered project ScentAir has had the pleasure working on, McCormick spices up Digital Signage with scent-based game “Guess That Spice”. The sense of smell is closely linked to memories and emotions, and scents have been shown to affect moods and influence behavior. Thanks to the intimate relationship between the brain’s olfactory bulb and […]

Eau De Engine, the New Scent by Team Vodafone

Vodafone has launched a new cologne that smells of burnt rubber and gasoline to promote its TeamVodafone and involvement in the Sydney 500. The ‘Eau de Engine’ cologne, which has been created by ideas agency Tongue, is aimed at men and carries the strapline, “Why smell like a man, when you can smell like a […]

Fashion Season in the Air at ION-Orchard

Spring shopping at ION Orchard promises to surprise and delight the senses with a floral wonderland exuding the Mall’s unique signature scent. Visit L1 Atrium and B2 Concourse for a “scentsational” experience. Campaign Credits – ION Orchard (arguably Singapore’s premiere shopping destination) – AllSense (ScentAir Singapore) – DDB Singapore –

World’s Largest Scented Billboard

In a marketing campaign for Unilever’s Shampoo Pinuk, ScentAir installed a custom fragrance delivery system to deliver the Shampoo Pinuk fragrance along the sidewalk beside the 394 foot long billboard. The billboard is located next to Ezriali Mall in the heart of Tel Aviv. The billboard is the largest outdoor fragrance project in the world […]

Bloomingdales Scent Strategy featured in Stores Magazine

ScentAir was featured in the July issue of Stores magazine, the official publication of the National Retail Federation, which follows retail trends and consumer habits. Their observation of the success of scent marketing thrust ScentAir into the spotlight, with a great article focusing on ScentAir’s relationship with Bloomingdales. At Bloomingdale’s, holiday planning starts in May, […]

Stairwell to Heaven

British Car Park operator NCP introduces novel scent strategy to engage parkers In the aim for a better (read wackier) customer experience NCP are turning their previously pee scented stairwells into abmient scent zones. ( “We’ve recently invested in some innovative technology that will allow us to make our stairwells smell,” says a wesbite spokesperson, […]

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