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Why People Love the Smell of Gasoline

Have you ever caught a whiff of an errant splash of gasoline at the gas station? You may be too proud to admit it, but did you enjoy the smell as that pungent, almost sweet, chemical odour tickled your olfactory bulb? Gasoline is a chemical cocktail comprised of many ingredients, including lubricants, anti-rust agents and […]

Smells Can Boost Learning During Sleep

A recent study, which uses rose scents to boost memory performance, investigates the role of odour in learning and memory. Olfaction is one of the oldest senses and links closely to parts of the brain that deal with emotion and memory. Learning anything new relies on the conversion of details from the short-term memory into […]

The Odor Effect: Stores That Smell Better Do Better Business – Jewelers’ Circular Keystone

Take a whiff. What does your store smell like? If the answer is Mr. Clean, Lean Cuisine, or “nothing,” consider the latest research in scent marketing. Time magazine reports that researchers in Belgium recently conducted a 10-day experiment at a chain bookstore that gauged customer behavior when the smell of chocolate wafted through the air. […]

Nielsen report – Win over Asian Consumers with an Emotional Connection

Asia Pacific consumers are the most likely to be won over by designer brand appeal. Three in five Asia Pacific consumers (61 per cent) are willing to pay more for designer products, a higher percentage than in any other global region, according to a new online study from Nielsen. The study revealed a staggering three […]

Smell Chocolate, Feel Better – says research

Neil Martin at the Human Olfaction Laboratory at Middlesex University, discovered the power of chocolate in an experiment where he filled rooms with three smells, one of chocolate, a “malodour” of machine oil, which most people find unpleasant, and a lemony, pleasant-but-alerting odour, then monitored testers’ moods. “The aim was to compare the effects of […]

The Bad News for 83% of Advertisers – Sydney Morning Herald & The Age 26/03

What we hear and what we smell are more powerful than what we see…Brand futurist Martin Lindstrom says as little as 50 years ago buying groceries was an experience that thoroughly stimulated all of the senses. Householders traipsed through the clatter and colour of vegetable markets and bought their meat in butcher shops that smelled […]

BURGER KING® FLAME™ – Body spray of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat

No jokes! American men (and women?) can for a mere $US3.99 get it on, that is get the scent of flame grilled burger on. According to their official website ( “The Whopper sandwich is America’s favourite burger, Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold … now you […]

Brazil, land of sensuality and samba going big on Scent Branding – Branding by the Nose in Brazil by Ana Paula Palombo Terzi Smell is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week sense. It is turned on all of the time, both when people are awake and sleeping. But does this olfactory fact present actual, viable and achievable branding opportunities and new areas for the branding industry to explore […]

Retailers – Don’t slash your prices (or your wrists) just yet

The Lovemarks effect, a book written by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, demonstrates what differentiates a ‘brand’ from a ‘lovemark’. When it comes to making decisions, people think with their hearts. People are about 80 percent emotional and 20 percent rational. Neurologist Donald Calne sums it up: “The essential difference between emotion and […]

NEWS FLASH: Aroma Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Prompts Spending Spree

According to a Study – YES it happened, and YES the shoppers were even on a tight budget! Read the article here  Reference: ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2008) – University of Chicago Press Journals (2008, January 12). Aroma Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Prompts Splurging On Expensive Sweaters (Journal of Consumer Research)  

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