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Cologne In The Wild

Would you be caught on a date without cologne or perfume? The right or wrong scent can make or break a romantic meeting among humans. A new study finds we are not alone in that regard. It has been discovered that male ring-tailed lemurs emit a fruity and floral smell from their wrists when they […]

The Scent of Spring, Olfactory Art Installation by ION Orchard

ION Orchard, Singapore’s premiere shopping mall destination once again delights shoppers and patrons with this scented art installation to commemorate Spring. Delicate and Delightful, what a way to stop and smell the roses! (in between shopping for a new pair of shoes!) ION Orchard’s signature fragrance has had overwhelming positive response from the first day […]

The Changing Face of Retail – Part 1

With the convenience of online sales and increase in pertrol costs, what should retailers do to convince consumers to keep coming instore? Sure, humans are social creatures, and places like shopping centres provide ‘destinations’ but people are more time poor than ever and Sydney traffic isn’t getting quicker! The conservative approach would be to batten […]

Stink Bomb

While retailers and developers turn to positive smells for advertising and marketing, the U.S. Department of Defense has realized the value of bad smells — really bad smells. Unlike pepper spray or tear gas, which irritate pain receptors and can cause serious damage, stink bombs just reek and make unruly crowds disperse in a flash.The idea […]

A Definition of Visual Merchandising

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Visual merchandising is creating visual displays and arranging merchandise assortments within a store to improve the layout and presentation and to increase traffic and sales. As an example, mannequins are commonly used as a way to promote products relating to appearance, such as clothing or accessories. Any attempts as a […]

Gilly Hicks Sydney, an X-rated Abercrombie?

The new brainchild (or should we say ‘sex’ child) of the Abercrombie family – Gilly Hicks. See the video clip if you dare… True to the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, ScentAir deployed A & F’s scent signature using ScentAir’s HVAC scent delivery system. If you visited an Abercrombie store, or more so if you have visited […]

Back to Herz

I am almost cover to cover with Rachel Herz’s SCENT OF DESIRE. I will try to surmise a deduced hypothesis that would have notable implications for the business of branding: “An original scent when paired with an emotional event will (when re-introduced) at a later date, time or location elicit the same emotional experience (in varying […]

The Perfume Shop, a candy store for the senses

I just bought a bottle of perfume for my girlfriend. The visit led me to consider the notion of selling smell to fulfill the objective of personal branding. These liquids supremely distinguished from one another, by colour, bottle shape, embossed & debossed packaging. Colours glinting, famous faces staring out, themes immortalised, frozen in time, captured […]

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