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Give it up for Mark Signorin, AKA ScentAir’s top smell guru (official title: “Director of Fragrance Development). Having personally worked with Mark over the last 5 some years, its great to see him basking in some limelight with this insightful career and industry montage by David Zax at FastCompany.com. We have worked together on the design of signature brand scents for some of the world’s leading brands and Mark’s skill and experience is unmatched in our industry.

On the topic of fragrance imaging for brands, Mark I’m glad you make the process sound so simple.

Coyishly he responds to Zax’ statement: “You’re the Don Draper of smell branding?” with a deprecatingly honest: “I have little vials of fragrance with blotter sticks. I start to describe the notes and how it works with the brand. I say, Let’s find the perfect fragrance for you: we’ll put a little…in …here to get some …, or some …. here to get some more…These types of discussions.”

These types of discussions? Mark – Fast Company just called you the Don Draper of Smell Branding!

Overall a well paced article covering Mark’s background and that of ScentAir, as well as some of our clients and case studies.

Smell The Love: How The Scent Of A Brand Creates Close Connections With Customers. BY DAVID ZAX | FEBRUARY 15, 2013. Your company shouldn’t just have a look and feel. It should have a smell, too, argues ScentAir’s Mark Signorin.

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