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Food and Beverage.

Its a fact -humans taste food with their noses.

Yes it may look and feel good, but if it doesnt smell the part, it won’t get closer than 1 cm to your mouth.

ScentAir’s ScentWave System can help create an ‘Aroma Billboard’ for your product and let customers sample the flavour with the wrapper on!

Some Convenience, Food & Beverage clients include Craft Foods, McDonald’s, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gambles & Wendy’s

Harness the power of scent in a clean, safe, subtle and controlled way. Contact Contact ScentAir Singapore and create a scent solution that works for you.

What People Are Saying
  • We think scent is a pretty exciting element of the whole guest experience - Senior Vice President, Westin Hotels

  • Customers notice and they comment about the fragrance as soon as they come in. It adds another interesting element to our stores - Store Manager, Lucky Brand Jeans

  • The fragrance completes the unique environment and our customer experience - Managing Director, Hugo Boss

  • Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. Sony has been very pleased by the response from customers - Senior Creative Director, Sony Style

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