Heard it all before

Yes, seen it all before too.  In fact so much so that I don’t even take things at face value anymore. 

The problem which has brought about this current state of affairs is 2-fold:

  1. As consumers, we have been pushed and abused beyond the limits of what our eyes and ears can tolerate.  Many of these communications are at best unwanted and mostly unsolicited. At worst its a misdirected, mass-communicated MONOLOGUE.
  2. TV and entertainment in general has always implicitly requested that to obtain maximum enjoyment from it we suspend our belief -yes he did take 14 bullets in the chest, then get up and catch that bus…sure it can happen.

So whilst big brands, mass market publishers and global corporates are here for the long-haul, what is clear is that the average-joe ain’t gonna be takin’ the mass-crafted marketing monologue no mo.

Media fragmentation and Attention Deficit Disordered consumers are not new concepts, nor is the power of persuasion which individuals both alone and collectively tap into on an increasing basis.

We as customers, consumers and collaborators want to be engaged, we want to be offered the choice of a dialogue, we want to be remembered as the individuals we are, we want to be entertained as if reality had no bearing and we want to consume on our own terms.

VivA multi-sensory communication, VivA extra-sensory stimulation!!

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