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What did it smell like “When dinosaurs ruled the Planet”??Visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to find out.

To compliment the museum lighting and visuals, Scent Air was contacted to create a matching scent palette.

This included Fragrant aroma of Magnolia and the lush scent of rainforest, AND even Dinosaur Dung!

The result? A truly sensory experience for all the children and families who visited the museum.

Bring your exhibition or performance to life and truly engage your audience.

Harness the power of scent in a clean, safe, subtle and controlled way. Contact Contact AllSense and create a scent solution that works for you. Click here to view our scent palette

What People Are Saying
  • We think scent is a pretty exciting element of the whole guest experience - Senior Vice President, Westin Hotels

  • Customers notice and they comment about the fragrance as soon as they come in. It adds another interesting element to our stores - Store Manager, Lucky Brand Jeans

  • The fragrance completes the unique environment and our customer experience - Managing Director, Hugo Boss

  • Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. Sony has been very pleased by the response from customers - Senior Creative Director, Sony Style

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