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We offer a range of technologies and solutions that can assist you to scent the smallest of spaces such as an elevator car, all the way up to the largest and most challenging of environments including stadiums and the great outdoors.

Before selecting what will be the right solution for you, it is important to understand what you are aiming to achieve.

An analysis should be carried out of your environment to assess the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) and unique air characteristics of the space to ensure the appropriate solution is implemented.

There are 2 broad scenting strategies:

Zone or spot scenting:
Targets fragrance into specific areas, whilst leaving others clear of scent.

Wide area scenting (also known as ‘filling the box’):
Covers a complete area end to end.

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What People Are Saying
  • We think scent is a pretty exciting element of the whole guest experience - Senior Vice President, Westin Hotels

  • Customers notice and they comment about the fragrance as soon as they come in. It adds another interesting element to our stores - Store Manager, Lucky Brand Jeans

  • The fragrance completes the unique environment and our customer experience - Managing Director, Hugo Boss

  • Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. Sony has been very pleased by the response from customers - Senior Creative Director, Sony Style

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