Scent of Cologne Can Guard Against Virus

In recent weeks, the popularity of traditional Turkish cologne has soared as people now look for a guard to help ward off germs. After the first case of coronavirus in Turkey was announced, people flocked to shops to buy cologne.

“The demand for citrus-scented colognes, especially lemon leaped fivefold.” In the Turkish capital, Ankara, people line up in queues nearly 100 meters long to get their cologne. Turkey’s decision to suspend ethanol’s use in gasoline will provide an additional 20,000 cubic metres for the production of disinfectants and colognes in the country. Top Turkish cologne producer, Eyup Sabri Tuncer, is now focusing on cologne production and has put other products on hold.

“Lemon cologne includes at least 80% ethanol, which serves as an Antibacterial product”. This tradition may be one of the weapons in Turkey’s arsenal that so far has kept cases of the virus in the country relatively low and might help reduce numbers in the months to come.


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