“Scents of space” says Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald talks about increasing popularity in using ambient scent both in home and business settings.

“What Helen Keller described as the “fallen angel” of the senses is undergoing a renaissance. Top architects, scientists, psychologists and marketers are exploring the hidden powers of aroma – in particular, its mysterious ability to plug straight into our memories and emotions – and their discoveries look set to shape our lives in subtle but significant ways.”

“Architecture will become more smell-oriented,” says Anna Barbara, a Milan-based researcher and author who specialises in the links between built space and aroma. “We are at the beginning of a sort of revolution. We could be ready to imagine a ‘smell design’.”

A well compiled article with a particular bent on architecture and increased aroma usage. A bit short on information covering different modes of scent delivery.

Meg Mundell
February 6, 2008 – 12:42PM

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