Candles (incl. optional branding)


Scented and branded 220ml candle, can be any colour of choice.

Transform your space – bespoke scented and branded candles , wisping one away by means of scent, leaving an everlasting impression.


Product Description

ScentSticks are ideal for leaving impression-based scent experiences for small spaces. They can be prominently displayed or tucked away into existing decor, but the aroma will be noticed immediately. ScentSticks are made from paper fiber infused with pure fragrance. They are cleaner and safer than oil diffusers and candles without spills, dripping wax, flames or electricity. To keep a consistent scent level, replace as needed.

These decorative, high performance ScentSticks provide a steady release of fragrance for up to 30 days. By pairing advanced fragrance formulation with upgraded time release technology, we have achieved our best ScentStick performance yet!

ScentStick Originals serve as scented reminders of experiences directly related to your brand or location. Available in packs of 50, they provide scent experiences that can be changed as often as needed for a small space.

Additional Information


Africaine, Asian Garden, Black Mink, Breeze, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Coconut Beach, French Vanilla, Green Clover & Aloe, Green Mamboo, Green Tea and Lemongrass, Homme, Jasmine, Kashmir, Lemongrass Vanilla, Pink Bubblegum, Sage Pomigranite, Sage, Pomegranite, Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla, Sweet Comfort, White Blossom Tea, White Tea and Fig, White Tea and Thyme, Zoom


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