ScentPOP Cartridge



Product Description

The ScentPOP scent delivery system is ideal for Point-of-Purchase
sampling and promotions such as scent sampling at vending and
kiosk centres. It can be easily incorporated into existing displays,
fixtures, vending machines and kiosks. The battery powered undershelf
mounted system uses magnets to easily attach to any standard
retail shelf. The system is loaded with a scent cartridge that is embedded
with a unique fragrance. Easy to replace, these cartridges enable
you to change scents to coordinate with new themes or seasons and
deliver scent in a clean and controlled way.

Product Features:
• Directional scent delivery up to 4.57 metres
• Over 1,500 quality scents to choose from
• Utilises replaceable easy to install scent cartridges
• Cartridges last 300 hours, 30 days in typical installations
• Adjustable duration settings
• Motion detection sensor
(Dispenser purchased separately)

Additional Information


Africaine, Cobalt, Cola, Fresh Cut Grass, White Tea and Thyme


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