Singapore Air Show Expo Case Study

Singapore Air Show Expo

The Singapore Air Show is the largest Air Show in Asia and the third largest of its kind in the world. It is a major showcase for the latest trends and technologies in all military, government and commercial aviation industries. With 5 jam-packed days and over $1 Billion of new business on the table, Experia, the event organiser approached AllSense to help set the mood

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“We were delighted that many of the exhibitors at Singapore Airshow noticed and liked the scent. It clearly added new dimensions to the Experia brand and event experience. It has been indeed a very exciting process developing a unique scent with AllSense. Their expertise in creating distinctive and memorable scents took our process of developing meaningful event experiences to a whole new level. We truly look forward to working with them again.”

Angie Lim, General Manager, Aerospace & Defence Group, Experia Events Pte Ltd

“Experia Events wanted to create a unique identity for all of our events and the idea of a signature scent was mooted, leading to the partnership with AllSense. AllSense was very professional and worked closely with us in the scoping and planning process. They took us through an internal voting process, where a number of scent compositions were rigoriously tested on male executives in the office. 

AllSense exhibited at the show its experience working on military and aviation simulation training.

Client: Experia, Singapore Air Show
Services: Design of signature brand fragrance, technical implementation of annual event

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