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British Car Park operator NCP introduces novel scent strategy to engage parkers

In the aim for a better (read wackier) customer experience NCP are turning their previously pee scented stairwells into abmient scent zones. (

“We’ve recently invested in some innovative technology that will allow us to make our stairwells smell,” says a wesbite spokesperson,
” however we want them to smell like roses, a bakery, roast chicken…. You name it – we can make a smell of it!”

And if thats not enough they are  giving you the opportunity ( well you if you live in and frequent their car parks in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff) to vote for your favourite scent, claiming to roll it out nationwide if it “proves popular enough”

“So to vote for the smell you’d most like our car park stairwells to smell of, please vote below, and when the poll ends, we promise to make that car park smell of roses. Or freshly baked bread. Or fruit. Or bubblegum…. You get the idea.”

“In a recent poll we carried out to test the water for Britain’s favourite smell, people voted in their droves for flowers, but we want to give you – our customers – the final decision on which whiff will win.”

Which city would you like to vote for?

Click here to vote for London
Click here to vote for Birmingham
Click here to vote for Cardiff
Click here to vote for Leeds

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